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Woodwool offer

WOOD WOOL can be used as an ecological packing material for glass, ceramics, china, iron or other products. It can serve also as filter material at the painters, or for the decorative purposes. Wood wool is produced exclusively from dry spruce wood without bark.
Wood wool is pressed in bales, 80 cms long, 50 cms high and 40 cms wide. The average weight of the bale makes 33 kgs.

The standard production covers four types of wood wool:

WOODWOOL - 20/10....width 2 mms, thickness 0,10 mm
WOODWOOL - 20/15....width 2 mms, thickness 0,15 mm
WOODWOOL - 20/20....width 2 mms, thickness 0,20 mm
WOODWOOL - 20/25....width 2 mms, thickness 0,25 mm

On request we can deliver also other dimensions.
For more informations ask please on the phone number as above.